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Pairing the Mira Prism Remote to OSX and iOS

The remote pairing dance

Connecting the Remote to an iOS Device


For Mira Home App Pairing Instructions

Visit this page.

  1. On the iOS device open Control Center and make sure Bluetooth is enabled (icon should be solid blue ).
  2. Quit all Mira Apps running in the background
  3. Power on the controller by holding down the bottom Start button until the LED begins flashing
  4. Launch your app, and wait for the scene to load
  5. Click the gear icon on the top of the phone's screen, and select Controller Settings
  6. You should see a list of remotes that you can pair to
  7. Click on a remote to pair!


If this process is unsuccessful, repeat the steps, or reach out to us


Controller no longer pairs to the editor

Instead, the controller pairs directly to the device, and streams data to the editor through the Mira Live Preview app

Updated 3 years ago

Pairing the Mira Prism Remote to OSX and iOS

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