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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the IPD?

  • The IPD is controlled by the script Assets/MiraSDK/Scripts/MiraArController.cs
  • Starting from version 0.7.1 and later, you may set the IPD in the inspector, or set it at runtime by calling the UpdateIPD function on the MiraArController
  • To see an example of how to update the IPD at runtime, see Assets/MiraSDK/TutorialAssets/Scripts/DynamicallyChangeIPD.cs

What's the Mira scene scale?

By default, the Mira camera system is in Meter scale (1 unity unit == 1 meter). We strongly recommend keeping the default scale.

However, if you need the Mira system to adjust to a different scene scale, you can set this on the MiraCamera gameObject. To change the scale, modify the defaultScale, and change the scaleMultiplier on the MiraArController script. This system is currently configured so that a value of 1 will set centimeter scale. Meter scale corresponds to a value of 100, as 100 cm == 1 meter. Setting the scale will automatically adjust all components of the MiraAR System, including the following:

  • IPD (distance between L & R Camera)
  • Positional offsets
  • Controller arm model // offsets
  • The camera's distance from the marker

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Frequently Asked Questions

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