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Download the SDK

Building to iOS


  1. Switch Platform in Player Settings

  2. File -> Build Settings

  3. Check that the scene you wish to build is currently open and click Add Open Scenes

  4. Select iOS under Platform. After selecting iOS, click the Switch Platform button

  5. Click Build !


  1. Open the .xcodeproj file Unity created when building or open the Xcode application then File -> Open and select your built Unity Project folder and open it
  2. In the Project Navigator select your project and navigate to the General tab, under the Identity dropdown, check that the Bundle Identifier is set to com.mirareality.example (this will be set for you, if you set Player Settings to Mira Recommended Settings)


Example Bundle ID Change

The Mira bundle ID was com.wikitude.miraexample, but it is now com.mirareality.example, starting with v0.7.0

  1. On the same page, under the Signing dropdown, select a Team, if there is no available team Add an Account and set one up.

  2. Under General, check that Deployment Target is set to 8.0 (this will be set for you by Mira Recommended Settings, but will throw an error if set to less than 8.0)

  3. Under General -> Embedded Binaries, click the plus button, and add WikitudeMiraSDK.framework and MiraRemote.framework if they are not listed


Frameworks in Step 5 will be added automatically in Unity 2017.2 and later

Starting with version 0.7.0 of the SDK, the Build Post Process script will add the WikitudeMiraSDK and MiraRemote frameworks automatically

  1. Select your device and Build! :tada:

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Building to iOS

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